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H 8 Heimprojektor Junior Standard Grossraum Grossraum II Dia-Vorsatz Projektor 800 Projektor 3008 Projektor 2001 Gebescope


Dieser Projektor ist in England/Irland aufgetaucht.  Längere Zeit fehlten jegliche Informationen zu dem Tonlaufwerk.






ein anderer in schlechtem Zustand



Von Patric McCoole habe ich dann folgende aufschlussreiche Informationen bekommen :





R.C.A. and all American projector manufacturers adopted the SMPE Standard. That system had the optical sound track on the left-hand-side of the film, when viewed from behind. All European projector manufacturers stayed with the D.I.N. (Deutsche Industrie Normen) Standard, also called the I.C.E. Standard, with the sound track on the right-hand-side when viewed from behind. (Eventually in March 1936, following arbitration, SMPE was accepted as the agreed Standard for UK, Europe and the USA)

In this year(1932), in Germany, Siemens were manufacturing their projector models HOME, STANDARD, 375 and GROSSRAUM and with sound-on-film provided by the KLANGFILM attachment using a choice of three(3) different options of separate base amplifier.  All used the D.I.N. Standard sound system. 

In the UK Gaumont-British took control of British Acoustics Films Ltd. and other Companies involved in film production, distribution, screening(Cinemas) and certain equipment manufacturing Companies.



The G-B Company set up manufacturing operations as G.B. Equipments Ltd. and used British Acoustics which was already established. Their first sound projector was known as ‘British Acoustic sound-on film talkie’

In December they produced their second projector model known as ‘Grosvenor’. All were using D.I.N. Standard sound heads. In the same year the Siemens STANDARD projector with Beta movement was first introduced into the UK.



In this year G.B. Equipments introduced the following Models, using the D.I.N. Standard: 

HOME (later to become Model ‘A’-Type H.M.P.)

STANDARD (later to become Model ‘B’-Type S.M.P.)

(Each of these had their spools, feed and take-up, within the casing, only offering external greater capacity arms outside the casing as an optional accessory manufactured by a separate Company) 

In order to screen films with the SMPE sound track they offered a ‘Prism Attachment’ to reverse the film when projected on the screen. 

Later that year they offered MODEL ‘C’ (Type B.A.C.) which was a Siemens STANDARD Projector with a B.A. (British Acoustics) sound head, and a MODEL ‘D’ (Superlux) which was a modified Siemens ‘Superlux’ (Grossraum) projector, again with a B.A. sound head.

The price of the latter 250.00 GBP. 

Each of these two models were ‘modified’ Siemens projectors which were mounted on their Amplifier cases, similar to the Siemens models offered in Germany with KLANGFILM sound heads and mounted on base Amplifier cases. 

The modifications involved fitting a separate motor on/off control,

fitting a mains voltage neon lamp to illuminate a stroboscope pattern on the fly-wheel to regulate the sound speed of 24 fps and modifying the large projector lens unit to accept an internal sleeved regular Siemens Dallmeyer 50mm lens instead of the more  expensive Astro-Kino lens (three times the cost), and lastly an internally modified ‘tilting’ arrangement where the two controls are linked by chain so that either knob can lower or elevate the position of the projector. 


From this year the projectors offered by G.B. Equipments Ltd. were known as ‘Gebescopes’.


As stated previously, in March of this year agreement was reached to only use the SMPE Standard sound head system so the BA Sound Head was available in the new design as well as in the D.I.N. Standard  G.B. Equipments also manufactured a SILENT version of their Model ‘A’ projector during this year.


By this year they were manufacturing the following:

Model K16 (200W lamp, 4W Amplifier),

Model L16 (200W lamp, 8W Amplifier),

Model H16 (200W lamp, 23W Amplifier based on a Bell & Howell unit)

Model S16 (200W lamp) Silent Model.


They offered Models K516, L516 with 500W lamps. 

The Model L516 continued to be manufactured during the War Years and continued in popularity after the War but they only manufactured Bell & Howell models after the War..






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H 8 Heimprojektor Junior Standard Grossraum Grossraum II Dia-Vorsatz Projektor 800 Projektor 3008 Projektor 2001 Gebescope

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